Audio Recording of IRS Scam

Idahoans across the state have been complaining to the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division about the notorious IRS telephone scam. The intent of this fraud is like so many others in its use of deception and fear in an attempt to steal money from Idaho's citizens.

The Attorney General's Office receives complaints about this scam each week from citizens of all ages and backgrounds. Last month, we cooperated with a former Attorney General's Office employee who was targeted by scammers. The scammer left a telephone message demanding that the former employee call back to negotiate a plan with a phony IRS agent for settling a fictional tax debt.

The former employee agreed to have his return call recorded and posted on our website for educational purposes. The 17-minute recording, made in July 2014, illustrates many of the techniques IRS scammers use to threaten, scare and defraud citizens. While many Idaho citizens simply hang up on these crooks, in some cases victims have reported losses in the hundreds of dollars.

So please take a moment to listen to this recording so you can avoid becoming the next victim of the IRS scam or any other variety of telemarketing fraud.

Play Listen to the recorded telephone conversation.

You can listen to the same recording with the help of subtitles in the flash video below:

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