Lewis-Clark Valley Healthcare Foundation

The Lewis-Clark Valley Healthcare Foundation (“LCVH Foundation”) administers a $25 million endowment fund that was established through the Attorney General’s March 2017 agreements with Ascension Health and RCCH HealthCare Partners. The LCVH Foundation was established to benefit the healthcare needs of the people within the nine counties that St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, as a nonprofit hospital, once served.

Community Advisory Board

The Attorney General appointed 15 individuals from the Lewis-Clark Valley to serve on the Initial Community Advisory Board. The members are:

  Vanessa Bachman Lewiston  
  Doug Barton Lewiston  
  Michael G. Collins Lewiston  
  Rev. Chuck Cram Lewiston  
  Denice Flerchinger Clarkston  
  Tracy Flynn Lewiston  
  Shannon Grow Clarkston  
  Mark M. Havens, J.D. Lewiston Initial Chairperson
  Kent Kinyon Lewiston  
  Timothy H. Krueger Lewiston  
  Sheila McDougall Clarkston  
  Brittany Pope Lewiston  
  Sister Pat Rosholt, CSJ Lewiston  
  John Rusche, M.D. Lewiston  
  Laura Von Tersch Lewiston  

The Attorney General does not direct the affairs of the Initial Community Advisory Board, advise its members, or participate in its activities. Rather, the Attorney General has a statutory and common law duty to oversee and protect the charitable trust assets that the LCVH Foundation holds. The Attorney General’s authorities are broad, but do not include intervening in the day-to-day operations of the board.


Read the Attorney General's Opinion
Ascension Agreement with the Attorney General
RCCH Agreement with the Attorney General
Declaration of Trust
Certificate of Exemption

This webpage is dedicated to keeping the public informed about the LCVH Foundation’s activities and will be updated with information about the Board and the programs the LCVH Foundation helps support.

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