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Date: July 17, 2003

Attorney General Wasden Eliminates No Call List Registration Fee

(Boise) - Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced today that his office will immediately eliminate the $10 registration fee and $5 renewal fee for the Attorney General's No Call List.

Wasden said his office will temporarily suspend registration for the state's no call list while software is updated to allow for no-fee registration. The Attorney General added that Idaho residents who registered after the cutoff date (June 30, 2003) for the most recent list published have not yet been added to the list and will automatically receive a refund in the mail. Those individuals will be included in the next list to be published October 1, 2003. Wasden estimated that refund checks will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks.

"In order to spare taxpayers the cost of supporting this optional government service, the legislature provided that the Attorney General may collect a registration fee," Attorney General Wasden said. "The fees collected thus far have been sufficient to start and maintain the No Call List without asking for general fund tax money. The rules associated with the new federal no call list, which does not charge a registration fee, are such that it just doesn't make sense to continue charging this fee."

Wasden said that, under federal rules, Idahoans who register for the federal no call list will automatically be added to the Attorney General's No Call List. However, state privacy laws prohibit his office from transferring registration information to the federal government. As a result, Idahoans on the state list who also want to be on the federal list must register for the federal list. Click here to link to the federal registration site.

The Attorney General said he would ask the legislature next winter to decide if Idaho should provide registration data to the federal government. If the legislature approves, Idaho residents who register for either the state or federal list would have their phone numbers included on both lists.

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