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Date: February 9, 2007

Chase and Jessie Maupin Sentenced for Insurance Fraud

(Boise) - Chase “Dusty” Maupin and Jesse Maupin, of Idaho Falls, received two to seven year prison sentences for insurance fraud, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. The Maupins each pleaded guilty to one count of criminal conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and were sentenced by Seventh District Judge Jon J. Shindurling. The court suspended the prison sentence and placed them on probation for five years. The court also ordered the Maupins to perform 100 hours of community service and to take substance abuse and financial counseling courses.

On March 26, 2006, Chase “Dusty” Maupin, 24, reported to the Idaho Falls Police Department that his 2001 Toyota Celica had been stolen from the parking lot at the Bowlero bowling alley on March 24. The same day Maupin reported the vehicle stolen, the vehicle was found burned in Firth. Jessie Maupin told a Liberty Mutual Claims Representative that they had left the vehicle in a parking lot in Idaho Falls and, when they returned to the parking lot, the vehicle was missing. Both Maupins signed sworn statements that the vehicle had been stolen and were reimbursed $14,281.50 by Liberty Mutual Insurance on April 6, 2006. Liberty Mutual Insurance was reimbursed prior to sentencing.

Several months later both Chase and Jesse Maupin confessed to investigators from the Idaho Department of Insurance that they had taken the car to Firth, poured gasoline in the interior of the car, and lit the car on fire.

Donald Roberson, an investigator for the Idaho Department of Insurance, performed the investigation. Deputy Attorney General Ken Robins of the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Unit prosecuted the case.

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