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Date: March 20, 2007

Wasden Gains Refunds in “Work at Home” Solicitation

(Boise) – Consumers who did business with Nationwide Mailing Systems may be eligible for a refund of their “registration fee” under terms of a legal settlement, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said today.

Nationwide Mailing Systems, a Michigan business, advertised that consumers could “make over $2,000 a week” processing mail at home. Peter Lamers, the owner of Nationwide Mailing Systems, required customers to pay a “100% refundable” application fee of $34.00 to obtain the necessary mail processing supplies. The supplies consisted of a brief brochure and “help wanted” flyers to post in public places.

In response to the flyers, other consumers sent their contact information to the Nationwide Mailing customers who had posted the flyers. They, in turn, forwarded the new contact information to Nationwide Mailing Systems. Nationwide Mailing Systems paid its customers $1.00 for each new address it received. Although some customers requested a refund of their application fee based on their dissatisfaction with the program, the business sometimes ignored their requests.

Nationwide Mailing Systems also advertised that its “headquarters” was located in Boise, Idaho. During his investigation, however, the Attorney General found that Nationwide Mailing Systems’ only physical presence in Idaho was a private mail drop that forwarded mail to another mail drop in Michigan.

To receive a restitution payment from Nationwide Mailing Systems, consumers must send a written request for a refund of their application fee before June 13, 2007. All restitution requests must be in writing and sent to: Office of Attorney General; Attention: Stephanie Guyon; P.O. Box 83720; Boise, Idaho 83720. The written request must contain the consumer’s name, address, telephone number, the amount of the fee paid, and the date of payment.

In addition to making restitution to former customers, Mr. Lamers also agreed to pay the Attorney General $1,419.56 for attorney fees and costs of the investigation.

Consumers with questions about the restitution process or related issues may call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit at (208) 334–2424. Idaho consumers outside the Boise calling area may call toll–free: (800) 432–3545.

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