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Date: April 17, 2008

Wasden Requires Changes to Labor Law Poster Promotion

(Boise) – Idaho business owners that purchased labor law posters from Compliance Documents, LLC, a Connecticut-based company, are entitled to a refund, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. Compliance Documents entered into a settlement agreement with the Attorney General’s Office, which requires the company to refund money to Idaho business owners and change its mail solicitations.

Compliance Documents mailed solicitations telling Idaho businesses they are required to display posters describing an employee’s rights under certain federal and state labor laws. The solicitation warned that businesses could face a fine of up to $17,000. The solicitation’s envelope included, in large, bold type, the phrase “Updated Labor Department Regulations – Immediate Compliance Requirement Information Enclosed.”

“While there are laws requiring the placement of labor posters in businesses, Idaho businesses can easily meet those requirements by obtaining free posters from the Idaho Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Labor,” Attorney General Wasden said. “It is not necessary to pay nearly $70 for posters that businesses can obtain free of charge.”

Concerned that he had failed to comply with the posting requirements, the pastor of a Boise church took the time to bring the advertisement he received to the Consumer Protection Division. The advertisement Compliance Documents sent to him stated that “a recent review of (Compliance Documents’) records indicates your business may have either failed to post requisite materials or that materials may have lapsed and no longer comply. Your offices are mandated to abide by State Ordinance and Code to post requisite notice requirements.” For failing to display the labor law posters, the pastor, who was his church’s only employee, risked “regulatory liability for fines up to $17,000” and employee lawsuits, according to the solicitation.

As part of the settlement agreement, Compliance Documents is prohibited from sending advertisements that imply that a consumer is not in compliance with federal and state laws or that a consumer is required to purchase the company’s posters. Compliance Documents must disclose in its advertisements that it is not associated with any government entity and that consumers may obtain labor posters free from state and federal agencies. Compliance Documents did not admit any wrongdoing.

In addition to changing its advertising practices and reimbursing the Attorney General’s Office $1,000 to cover costs, Compliance Documents must make refunds to consumers who purchased a poster in response to the company’s solicitations. To obtain a refund, consumers must return the purchased poster to: Compliance Documents, LLC; 1 Mechanic St.; Norwalk, CT 06850.

Idaho employers should consult with their private attorneys to determine what labor posters they need to display for their employees. All required state labor posters are available from the Idaho Department of Labor’s website at: or by calling (208) 332-3570. All required federal labor posters are available from the U.S. Department of Labor’s website at: or by calling toll free (866) 487-2365.

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